Monthly Archives: December 2007

White Christmas

I can’t remember the last time we actually had a white Christmas, so this year was great! We had a wondeful snowy Christmas Eve and woke up to about 5-6 inches of fresh snow Christmas morning. It was very fun and relaxing to spend the day with family. We opened gifts in the morning (around… Continue Reading

A magical day!

What a beautiful day! It’s amazing what a magical snow storm will do to brighten up your day. Today really was so enjoyable. I started the day by reading a letter from my best friend, visiting my family and singing Christmas songs. The day only got better when it started to snow unbelievably hard. Within… Continue Reading

These are a few of my favorite things…

autumn colorsrainy daysthunderstormsbeautiful sunrises cloud formations sipping hot chocolatewisteriaribbonmr. buggdigital scrapbookingphotography… imagine that!words… not writing… just words like “create” “imagine”…colorsunique but striking color combinationsswirlsstarspolka dotsenglish cottagesgatesbenchesdoorswindowsdetailsbuttonsric-racceramic potssunflowersbrick wallswood rail fencesgardensvolleyballhats — huge decorative hatshat boxesivyvinesmountainsdandelionspaperskiingjazz musicmovies Continue Reading

Frothy Delight

What a delightful winter treat. Steaming hot chocolate is a tasty way to start and finish the day. Nothing could be better than going to work or school in the morning with a warm cup of delicious liquid chocolate to keep out the cold. I love the kind that has tiny marshmallows mixed in. They… Continue Reading

Hand-Me-Down Christmas

Decorations are essential for holidays, no matter if they are expensive, matching, cheap, hand-me-downs, homemade, or dollar store. As a college student one might imagine the resources are limited and that a well decorated apartment is not feasible. Not so! With leftover lights, holly, and ribbon from my house; a tree generously donated by the… Continue Reading

Miracle on 5th Street

There we sat, Breezy and I, in the warmth of glowing Christmas lights in our own cozy winter wonderland with the scent of Christmas pine swirling beneath our noses. Sipping hot cocoa and apple cider in creme colored mugs, we watched the first snow gently fall, swallowed up in the soothing sound of the saxophone… Continue Reading

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