Monthly Archives: April 2008

Fabulous Las Vegas

I’m back from a wonderful weekend trip to Las Vegas. Kevin and I drove down on Thursday afternoon. We stopped in St. George to say hi to Grandma Northrup and Grandma Hardy. I decided to let my visit be a surprise, so they had no idea I’d be coming. Needless to say they were happy… Continue Reading

Kirsten’s Having a Baby!

My dear friend Kirsten is going to have a baby boy in July! I am so excited for her! She came down a couple weeks ago to visit and went out to breakfast with Sharolee and I. It was so much fun to see her again. It was just like old times. Ohhh… Anyway, she… Continue Reading

Finals Week!

I just took my first final for Winter 2008 today. After several hours of studying and working on a study guide, and an hour in a review session, I felt adequately prepared. As I took the test, I was pleased that I was able to answer nearly all of the questions with great ease. We’ll… Continue Reading

The long awaited letter…

My letter finally came, although with different words than I was expecting. Yep, I did not get accepted to the Visual Arts program at BYU. Sad, but life goes on. I have so many different options it is ridiculous! Who knows what I will end up doing! While I am sad, I can honestly say… Continue Reading

Mondrian and Monet? Is it possible?

For an extra credit assignment in Humanities I was supposed to create a work of art that portrayed a missing work of one artist in the style of another artist. So, I created a Haystack painting (like one of Monet’s many) in the style of Mondrian. It was quite fun to layout and paint even… Continue Reading

Photography Application

So, most of you probably know I have applied to the Photography program at BYU and am anxiously waiting for the acceptance/denial email and letter that are supposed to come “during the month of April”. Well, I think everyday I get more and more anxious for it to come. I’m to the point that it… Continue Reading

Spring Jewel Kade

Spring is in the air, Mother’s Day is approaching, and Jewel Kade has brand new styles! Janet is doing a huge show at her house on April 22 and she asked me to make a new mailer for her. I was really excited and loved the picture she took. I love working on Jewel Kade… Continue Reading

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