Monthly Archives: May 2008

Lucky Charms

My mom, Connor and I were all home on Saturday night, so we decided to eat some Lucky Charms together (but I actually had ice cream…). Kind of random, but fun! Continue Reading

A memorable Memorial Day

Every Memorial Day we have a Linebaugh family breakfast with all Linebaughs invited. All of my Grandpa’s brothers and sisters and their families are invited. Usually around 90-100 people will come. We always have it at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house (except while they were on their mission and it was at Kinkades). This year… Continue Reading

The quest for the perfect travel journal

Every large vacation we go on (such as the trip to Europe in one week) I make a travel journal. It is always difficult to find just the right thing to use. This time I haven’t planned ahead as much so I was left to do it the week before, my own fault of course.… Continue Reading

Car Wash

Last Friday I spent a while cleaning my car which was filthy, inside and out. I vaccumed and cleaned the inside and then hosed off and washed the outside. After drying it I decided to wax it. Just before I started, our 4 year old neighbor Christopher came over. He is quite friendly and offered… Continue Reading

Locks of Love

Brianna donated her hair today for Locks of Love. We took some pictures yesterday when it was long and then some now that it is cute and short! This is such a cool thing. I was going to donate, but I don’t quite have 10 inches and my hair would have been really short if… Continue Reading

Spring has finally sprung…

Wow, it’s been a while since I did a post! 13 days! Well, a few weeks ago, my family and Kevin and I went a park in Orem called Nielsen Garden. The tulips were in full bloom and it was gorgeous! Here a few pictures… Continue Reading

Self Portrait

So, I have a fascination with taking self portraits, I’m not really sure why. Something about taking pictures of myself in the mirror is exciting and fun. I could probably spend hours in front of the mirror making different faces, trying to create an image that completely captures my personality, or different aspects of it.… Continue Reading

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