Garden Feature “The Ranch”

Garden Feature “The Ranch”

On Father’s Day we went to my grandparents for a visit. While we were there my grandpa pointed out some photo worthy elements of The Ranch (as we affectionately call their house), and asked if I would take some pictures for him. Naturally, I said yes! Their yard is pretty and they are always working hard to keep it looking beautiful.

This is the gate up to the pasture. The pink clematis looks so pretty climbing up the arbor around the gate! It’ll be awesome once it has grown completely over so there will be a wall of pink in the summer.

My Grandpa found this water pump from the 1930’s while they were in St. George. Isn’t it awesome! It looks great up by the barn, especially by the red door! The lighting was beautiful that night!

Over the years my grandpa has collected quite a few old farm trinkets. Most of them now have a home on the side of the barn. It is such a fun collection! I’m thinking I’ll have to take some more images of the Ranch to show you. It really is such a fun place to explore and play!

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