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It’s a Hit!

So I recently posted a picture of some cute Halloween treats I made for a photo shoot on my website blog (click here to see it). The image also got accepted on Foodgawker and Tastespotting (two awesome sites for finding recipes and pretty food pictures). I submit photos to them on a regular basis. Sometimes… Continue Reading

Apple Dip

A friend of mine gave me this recipe a couple years ago. I think it beats outs store bought caramel. Even better, it is extremely easy to make. Here is how it goes: 8 oz. Cream Cheese Softened 1/2 c Brown Sugar 1/2 c White Sugar Mix it all up and top with crushed Heath… Continue Reading

Bill was Baptized

Two week ago my Grandma’s husband Bill was baptized. It was an amazing experience. All of the 8 missionaries that helped teach him were there, along with about every other missionary in the area. All of the grandchildren sang two songs and the missionaries sang the closing song. There was standing room only in the… Continue Reading

Halloween Treats

I wanted to do a more complex shoot, meaning not just a close up of food but the whole table type thing. So I made a bunch of Halloween treats over the last two days and gave it a shot. So here you will see owl cupcakes (idea from One Charming Party), sugar cookies, candy… Continue Reading

Styx and Chocolate Cake

This image was shot for a large project I’m working on. This won’t be the final shot, but I thought I would share something from the shoot with you. You may be wondering what Styx and this delicious chocolate cake have to do with one another… that is something I won’t be able to share… Continue Reading

Life in AF

Things are pretty normal right now. Nothing really new or exciting. Since Kevin and I are both working and going to school we have been pretty busy and seem to only see each other a few hours a day. Kevin spends lots of time studying and I spend time thinking of concepts for images. We… Continue Reading

Pretzel Hugs

I eat way more of these than I should. I love hugs and I love salt (especially pretzel salt) and the combination of the two are wonderful! It’s probably a good thing I don’t have any of these items at my house on a regular basis or I would have some major health problems I’m… Continue Reading

A Utah Classic

Every Utah food blogger probably has to have some form of Jell-o on their blog at some point right? Well, I can’t say I’m generally a huge fan of Jell-o but… my mom’s layered Jell-o Salad (it’s still funny to me to call it a salad) is really good. So try it out! I don’t… Continue Reading

Balsamic Feta Chicken

This chicken is easy to make, but looks and tastes delicious. Let it soak and cook in a crock pot all day so it is nice and juicy then put it in the oven with some cheese and tomatoes and viola! A beautiful dinner! Balsamic Feta Chicken 12-15 chicken tenders of 4 chicken breasts 1… Continue Reading

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