Monthly Archives: February 2008

Wonderful Life!

Pretty much I love life! I came home on Tuesday to find that Natalie had straightened my room and left a flower on my desk. I love roommates. Everyday I realize how blessed I am to be living with Natalie, Breezy and Sharolee. They are all so beautiful and talented and kind and loving and… Continue Reading

Photos Galore

I started creating a post of mostly photos awhile ago. I didn’t realize that it would show up after the most recent ones, however, it did. So, any of you who have already seen the chalk and paint blogs, look just a little bit further for my life in photos. I feel like it captures… Continue Reading

99¢ Delight: an Afternoon of Urban Art

We bought some chalk so that Sharolee and Natalie could ask some guys to our ward dance. It turned into quite an adventure. Who knew that 99¢ and a little bit of artistic genius could create such a delightful distraction from the dullness of studying. We spent a good two hours creating works of art… Continue Reading

Artistic Musings

What is it about painting and really just art in general that is so refreshing. After creating a work of art I feel so uplifted and cultured. I also feel like I can express myself and let all of my feelings come out. It is wonderful! This weekend was full of artistic adventures. On Saturday… Continue Reading

Writing? What the heck?

I was just looking at my blog and thinking… why on earth is there so much writing and so few pictures? Granted, I may have more pictures than the average person… but to have several posts that have a couple pages of just writing? I think I may have just discovered something new about myself.… Continue Reading

What a day!

Well, I am sitting here at work just waiting to leave and go to work again. I don’t really have much to do, so I thought I would make a new post. Today is a crazy day. I went to school from 9-11 and then went to Taco Amigo from 12-2:30 and right now I… Continue Reading

Remember, Remember…

– Remember to have fun– Remember to work hard– Remember you are loved– Remember to be grateful– Remember to be yourself– Remember to serve others– Remember to do your best– Remember to laugh every day– Remember to believe in yourself– Remember to make good friends– Remember to enjoy what you have– Remember all you have… Continue Reading

Healing Chant… by Mary Dawn

Mary Dawn came over to visit teach Breezy. After she was done we all talked. She signed my cast and did a healing chant so my arm will heal quickly. What did this healing change consist of you may ask? Watch the video below… Continue Reading

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