Monthly Archives: March 2008

Salt Lake on a Sunny Day

Breezy and I went up to Salt Lake on Friday. We walked around Temple Square and then went to lunch at Olive Garden. We split the Venetian Apricot Chicken which was delicious! The best part though was the wonderful salad and breadsticks with Alfredo dipping sauce. We were definitely loving life! The sun was shining… Continue Reading

Real Daisies

On Thursday as I got in my car to go to work there were live Gerber Daisies and a note in my car. The note said “Nehmenglueck!” which is German for “Take Luck”. It was so cute! I was really stressed out for the German test I took the day before. I was supposed to… Continue Reading

Britt and Jared

Britt and Jared asked me to take their engagement pictures. They are awesome!I was very flattered when Britt asked. I had so much fun! We walked around Provo and found colored walls and cute benches. Here’s a few of the pictures. Continue Reading

Favorite things about March:

* Skiing! – Yep, the weather is still cold enough in the mountains that I can ski. Granted, it isn’t really good snow, but I can wear just a jacket and not freeze! Love it! * Rain – I love that it starts raining again in March. I’m not a huge fan of cold rain,… Continue Reading

{THE MELTING POT: a night in paradise}

Last night we went to The Melting Pot for dinner. It was heavenly! Words cannot even describe how delicious and delightful the fondue was. What could be better than Sparkling Peach Spumante, Wisconsin Trio Cheese Fondue {Fontina, Butterk√§se and Buttermilk Bleu cheeses with white wine, scallions, and a hint of sherry}, a delightful Spinach Mushroom… Continue Reading

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