Monthly Archives: June 2008

I’m engaged!

This has been a pretty eventful week and eventually all the details will be posted. However, the most important things first, I am engaged! Yep! It’s official! Last night, Sunday, my fabulous friend Kevin (and now fiance) came over to my house after we got back from Overton. He talked to my dad outside for… Continue Reading

En Plein Air

Thanksgiving Point was hosting the “Plein Air Festival” yesterday and today. Mom said that she wanted to go for her birthday. Local artists come to Thanksgiving Point and paint all day “en plein air” which is a French term for painting outside and painting what you see. It was really neat to see the different… Continue Reading

Another Friend Married!

My dear friend since childhood, Michelle Smith was married on June 18, 2008 to Jeff Corrigan. Sharolee and I went to her reception that night. Of course she looked beautiful. I am really excited for her. Sharolee and I took a picture with her, and naturally this is the only picture on my memory card… Continue Reading

A family campout

While Devin is home for the next two weeks, Connor requested that we have a family campout, just our family. Once we found a day that worked for everyone, we headed up the canyon. It took a full suburban full of stuff for an over night stay, but it was worth it. We drove up… Continue Reading


Little kids hands are so cute! Court and Jack were playing in the dirt and looking for bugs so I took some pictures. I don’t know why but I love pictures of hands, especially little boy hands with dirt. Continue Reading

The Family Picture

Every time Devin comes home we do a family picture. Usually everyone isn’t too happy about it, but we do it anyway. So, naturally, on Sunday we took some family pictures. It took quite a few tries, but we finally got one everyone liked! Here are a couple, but the last one is the one… Continue Reading

Friday the 13th

Our journey home began at 6:45 Friday morning. We grabbed a quick breakfast and then drove to the Munich airport. We checked in and went through security (my dad was the problem this time, they had to search his bag) and then took a two hour flight to Paris. In Paris we had to take… Continue Reading

Castles Galore

This morning after breakfast we set out for Schloss Neuschwanstein, which was the inspiration for Cinderella’s castle in Disneyworld. Driving up to the city surrounding the castle we had a great view looking up at the castle itself. It was very overcast and rainy today so the castle looked a little bit eerie up there.… Continue Reading

Living the Sound of Music

June 11 We woke up early this morning and enjoyed a gourmet breakfast at our hotel. It seems each breakfast has progressively been bigger and better. The breakfast at the Marriott was delicious. We had a variety of foods to choose from including French toast, omelets made to order, granola, fruit, etc. Good thing we’ll… Continue Reading

Ahhh… Germany!

June 10 This morning we woke up to the sound of a lot of bells ringing loudly. As it turns out, the local ranchers were herding their cows up the street. Each cow had a gigantic bell hanging around its neck. Even just a herd of 5 cows made a lot of noise, but the… Continue Reading

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