Monthly Archives: August 2008

Today was a day for getting things done. I had a lot on my to do list and everything got checked off! That is a great feeling, although it is a bit tiring. Even Kevin and I had a quite a list of things to do when he got off work today. Here is our… Continue Reading

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Kevin and I babysat for my uncle Chad a couple weeks ago so he offered to give us tickets to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the outdoor theater at Sundance. So, last Friday night we went up there. The play, performed by UVU, was really good. After the play was over we were going… Continue Reading


My neighbor Sandy Francom hosted a bridal shower for me tonight. So many people from my ward came and brought very generous gifts. Now I know why I had to clean out things… Thank you so much to everyone in the ward that came and for all the gifts! Thanks to Sandy for the wonderful… Continue Reading

Nikki and Carter Wilkes

Tricia Wilkes asked if I would take pictures of her grandkids before they get too big. So last Friday I took pictures of Nikki and Carter. Here are a few: Continue Reading

A Change

I often get distracted when I get on my computer. I got on to quickly check and see if anyone had updated their blogs and to check my email. A few hours later and now my blog has been redone. I decided I really liked the look of a white background and the clean look.… Continue Reading

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