Monthly Archives: October 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Kevin and I carved pumpkins with Josh and Suzanne on Monday for family night. It was a lot of fun. We started carving with regular knives like normal people and then someone had the brilliant idea to use a drill to make circles and smooth out the cuts. You know guys are involved when the… Continue Reading

Movie Poster

This is my photoshop project for my computer class. We were supposed to make a movie poster using at least 3 different images. It is supposed to be 8.5×11 which seems funny to me. I actually started doing it 11×17 and then realized it was the wrong size. It looks better longer though… I would… Continue Reading

Fun Times

So in the last little while we have been pretty busy. However I thought I would update the blog with some pictures. We went up to Salt Lake City last Sunday to go to the German ward with Sara. We enjoyed walking around temple square and eating lunch with some of her friends. (By the… Continue Reading

Enhanced Quote

Another project for my type and layout class. We were supposed to use an image to enhance a quote and put a twist on it. I have this quote on my other blog so I thought I would use it. I came up with some interesting twists, PB&J in one jar, cereal and milk, but… Continue Reading

Truck and Sunflower

A truck has been sitting on the corner of University Avenue and Orem Center Street for quite a while. I needed to do some more photos for my photography class, so I thought since I saw this everyday and it always caught my eye, I would use it as a subject. The truck had wood… Continue Reading

Weekend in Vernal

Kevin and I went to Vernal this weekend for conference to visit Anna and her family. While we were there I took pictures of her very cute kids. Here are some of them. Continue Reading

A Touch of Fall

I saw pumpkins the other day when I was leaving work and thought “That would make a great centerpiece.” So… for only $2.08 we now have a fall centerpiece on our table. Last week Kevin gave me calla lilies which were beautiful and looked great there as well. I am excited for fall. I love… Continue Reading

Bridal Veil

For my photography class we were supposed to demonstrate the use of shutter speed through either blurred or frozen motion. I decided to take pictures of Bridal Veil Falls. The picture I turned in for class was with my film camera and in black and white. However, here are some I took with my digital… Continue Reading

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