Monthly Archives: February 2009


I am applying to BYU’s photo program again. So in the next little while when I have my portfolio finalized I’ll post that up here.This a project I have been working on lately. These are little garden lanterns that I am transferring images onto. Here’s the process: 1. Remove glass from lantern. Prepare or “size”… Continue Reading


I, Cassidy Tuttle, for the first time in my 5.5 years of driving got a speeding ticket on Monday. Yep. Sad day. Continue Reading

Chocolate Bowls

We were inspired by Lindsey Capel and Stephanie’s Kitchen. So, a couple nights ago, later than we should have been up, Kevin and I took a stab at making chocolate bowls. It turned out pretty well actually. The bowls looked pretty good and since we let them cool over night we didn’t have a problem… Continue Reading


One of my assignments for my Alternative Photography class is to take a picture of a chair that matches my personality in a random place. Well, the first thing I thought of was the stools that I begged my parents to keep for me that Kevin and I don’t have a place for that I… Continue Reading

School Projects

Here are a couple projects I’ve done thus far this semester. The first is a poster promoting one of the 31 human rights declared by Amnesty International. The second is a photo montage for my Photoshop class. Continue Reading


Right now things have been pretty busy in the Tuttle home and it looks like it is going to stay that way, thus the lack of blog updates. I have a few minutes free time in one of my classes, so I’ll update you on our lives right now. Kevin is going to school and… Continue Reading

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