Monthly Archives: April 2009

Devin’s Engaged!

Since Devin hasn’t posted this on his blog… I’m going to. He and dolly are engaged! They are getting married on June 25th in the Salt Lake City Temple. We are very very excited! Continue Reading

Belated Easter Photos

We celebrated Easter with my family as part of Connor’s Birthday last week. We raced little wind up Easter toys and the goal was not to see who could go the fastest, but the furthest from the line. Many of them went in circles or would go straight and then turn, so it was more… Continue Reading

Another Show

I was not accepted to the UVU Student Show, however, the same piece (the Pantheon) was accepted to Salon de Refuses. This show will run from April 20-May 2 on the 4th Floor of the UVU library. The opening reception is April 24 from 7-9 pm and refreshments will be provided. Also, on my photo… Continue Reading

Yes these were really taken on April 16th

We got about 6 inches of snow the night of April 15 and the morning of April 16th. Some of the beautiful trees I was planning on photographing later this week had branches snapped off due to the weight of the snow on the blossoms and branches. Continue Reading

I am quoted…

The UVU newspaper emailed me about the photos I submitted to the Touchstones magazine. They quoted me in an article to promote the “My Word!” event where the magazine will be released. You can read it here! Continue Reading

Great News!

I was not accepted to BYU’s photography program. However, I have some awesome plans for this summer. One of my photography teachers this semester has really inspired me and is going to help with a project this summer that I am hoping to put into a gallery. I have a lot of plans and ideas… Continue Reading

Megorokiteni – To Make It Last Forever

This is a sneak preview of a project I am working on for my alternative photography class. The assignment is “Megorokiteni” which is the Russian word for photograph. The literal translation is “to make last forever.” So, for my project I am learning more about my Grandpa Northrup and photographing things that represent them. The… Continue Reading

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