Monthly Archives: July 2010

Too Long

It’s been way too long since I last posted here. I have been hard at work posting a blog however, but it is on my new website! I’ve been hesitant to announce it because it still needs some tweaking. It’s close enough (and I’m so excited about it) that I decided I would share! Here… Continue Reading

Lime Sherbet Float

One of my favorite summer treats are lime sherbet floats. They are pretty complicated: Sprite Lime Sherbet That’s it. They taste great as a spoonful of sherbet with Sprite or all mixed together like a shake (which is what I prefer). It is a cool refreshing way to relax in the heat of summer. Although… Continue Reading

Ice Cream, Cottage Cheese and Peaches

Today I decided I would feature some of my favorite things to eat: Ice cream (Peanut Butter Cup), Cottage Cheese and Peaches. I absolutely love ice cream, especially in a sugar cone, but I’ll eat it in a bowl just as readily. It’s a perfect way to cool down in the summer so I’ve had… Continue Reading

A pleasant surprise

I was looking through some of my older photos and came upon this one. I forgot how much I liked it. I’m thinking I need to branch out from boxed cupcakes and try a real recipe :) Continue Reading

Cake Stand

While I was photographing the stop motion at my Grandma’s house, I mentioned that I would like to get a cute cake stand. She said she had seen a lady selling them at the end of our street earlier that day. Well, we didn’t see her on our way home, but Kevin and I were… Continue Reading

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