It has been a very long time since I have posted. Life has been a little crazy in the last few months. I graduated, yay! We received acceptance letters for graduate school, decided where to go (BYU), moved, sold Mr. Bugg, bought a scooter, have been spending lots of time with family. Lately, we’ve been trying to fit everything into our new apartment. It’s about half the size of our old apartment so it has been a challenge but we are almost “moved in”. Hopefully by Saturday the maze in each room will be gone.

One of my favorite things is getting a Bountiful Basket every week. I have a hard time going to the grocery store to buy fruits and vegetables. However, when they are given to me I am happy use them. We eat so much healthier when we get the basket. This past week we bought a case of Donut Peaches. They are delicious! They look a little funky compared to other peaches, but they taste great. We are waiting for the rest of them to ripen and then we’ll be having lots of peach shakes. I’m really excited!

I’m hoping to photograph each meal we make next week with the basket and will post the photos up here. That’s my goal. Hopefully it happens!


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