Hot trot to Boston to buy a loaf of bread…

Or just have Laura make you some! Kevin and I are spending the week in Boston with his sister Laura and her family. Thus far it has been a wonderful relaxing adventure!

On Monday Laura and the girls made delicious bread. The whole day was pretty cool and rainy so it was nice to have something delicious to warm us up! I have had a large number of slices warmed with butter and cinnamon sugar on top for a snack as well as with breakfast yesterday and today (and will probably have some tomorrow too). We’ve also had it plain while we were driving, as delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and even as a fluffer-nutter sandwich. Needless to say, it’s pretty much delicious and very versatile.




I’ll be posting more photos from our adventures in the next few days but for now, enjoy some home made bread!

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