Boston Ferry and the Farmer’s Market

Friday was also a day for us to wander Boston. As part of their Free Fun Friday, the Boston Ferries to either Georges or Spectacle Island were free. We arrived to the ticket office in time to get a good time for Spectacle island and then got breakfast. We walked through the antiques district (although nothing was open yet) and did some window shopping. There were quite a few pieces of furniture that were really interesting. The ferry to Spectacle Island was a lot of fun. The breeze on the ferry was a great way to cool off. Spectacle Island had a lot of walking trails which we explored, as well as a nice beach and pretty views of the ocean. We stayed for a little while and then took the ferry back to Boston to go visit the farmer’s market. The market was pretty exciting. Too bad we didn’t really need any fruits or vegetables at the time, but we did buy a pound of cherries for Kevin and a pound of grapes for me, all for only $2.50. The grapes were pretty delicious and a great snack as we walked around the non-farmer part of the market. After the market we decided we needed some gelato to help us cool off before we took the metro and buss back to the house.

When we arrived at the final bus stop on our way home it started pouring rain. We huddled in the covered area for a minute and the wind blew the rain right in. Mostly I was worried about my camera getting wet, otherwise it wouldn’t have been as bad. After the rain continued for 5 minutes or so we figured we couldn’t hang out at the bus stop all day, but I couldn’t walk out in the rain with my camera bag either. So, Kevin ran to the nearest store and bought some large garbage bags. We put my camera bag in a couple garbage bags and then started walking home. By the time we arrived home (about 15 or 20 min later) the rain had pretty much stopped and the sun was coming out.

That night we went out with Laura and Jared to Mr. Crepe. We had a mozzarella, basil, and tomato crepe followed by a peanut butter, Nutella, Fluff crepe. Both were good, but the sweet crepe was definitely my favorite. We were going to go candle-pin bowling but the place was booked for the rest of the night, so we went home and watched a couple shows.


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  1. Love all your latest posts! Looks like you’re having a wonderful time in Boston :) I always love looking at your fantastic pictures and cute little family. Hope we see you soon!

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