Boston Buildings: Houses in Watertown

Boston Buildings: Houses in Watertown

One of the many benefits of not having a car and walking everywhere is you get to enjoy the scenery. My favorite thing about Boston (I’m sure I’ll say that a lot) is the architecture. The homes here especially are amazing! I love all the different colors of wood paneling and trims. Also, I’ve discovered that I really like diamond windows. They can make just about any house look so much cuter than it would otherwise. I still haven’t decided what color I would have my house (if I had to pick one) but I’m partial to teal, yellow and grey, although purple is also becoming more appealing to me.

This collection of photos come from my walk to the bus stops nearby. I’m planning on taking a day soon and just walking for a couple miles down some roads nearby. It seems like every road I’ve taken the bus on or we’ve driven through has such amazing houses that I wished I could have photographed. Hopefully I can remember where they all are. If not, I’m sure I’ll still be able to find some beauties!

Boston Buildings White Porch with Flowers and Flag Detail

Boston Buildings Watertown Tan Red Front Door

Boston Buildings Porch Detail with Flag

One of the things I love about these houses is that so many of them have flags hanging by their front doors. Everyone seems to be much more outwardly patriotic. Plus the flag just looks great with these greyish/bluish houses!

Boston Buildings Mailboxes

Aren’t these mailboxes cute? They caught my eye when we walked by and I just couldn’t resist taking a picture of them!

Boston Buildings Favorite Grey House White Porch

Boston Buildings Dark Blue House Tan Teal Trim Porch Detail

Boston Buildings Blue House with lots of plants

Boston Buildings Blue House Porch Detail

Boston Houses Doorstep Detail_02

Boston Houses Diamond Window Panes Detail_01

This blue color with the white diamond window is one of my favorite combinations! I absolutely love it!

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