Newbury Street Boston — Georgetown Cupcakes

Newbury Street Boston — Georgetown Cupcakes

As I mentioned yesterday, as part of my walk along Newbury Street I stopped at the new Georgetown Cupcake store per a friend’s recommendation. While their signature cupcake is Red Velvet (which is not at the top of my list of favorite cupcakes) I opted for two flavors that were more of a favorite. I got a chocolate hazelnut and chocolate3

I have to say, while cupcakes are good, they are not my favorite form of chocolate or sugar. That said, these were pretty good cupcakes. The two I got both had ganache on top rather than frosting (since ganache is way better than any chocolate frosting I’ve had) and that was a good choice. The ganache was really good and added a lot of moisture and gooeyness to the cupcakes. The ganach makes the cupcakes not quite as picturesque as the kinds with frosting, but nonetheless I felt compelled to photograph them!

One thing about the Georgetown Cupcake store, at least the Newbury Street location, is that it has very little seating. I guess a lot of people get cupcakes to go, but if you did want to make a date out of it you should consider going somewhere else to eat. It could also get crowded really easily as the setup for the line and waiting area is a little bit funky. I’m not sure if other stores are this way, but it was a little difficult to see if there was a line to buy or if people were just waiting to get their cupcakes. The inside of the store is really cute and has a very clean style. Also, the pink is actually very bright and happy which makes the store seem fresh and clean.

Georgetown Cupcakes Newbury Street Boston Chocolate Hazelnut

Georgetown Cupcakes Newbury Street Boston Chocolate Hazelnut 03

Georgetown Cupcakes Newbury Street Boston Chocolate Hazelnut 02

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