Things to See in Boston: Boston Public Garden

Things to See in Boston: Boston Public Garden

At the end of my walk down Newbury Street, I decided to walk around Boston Public Garden. This is definitely somewhere you should stop while in Boston. If you are walking along the Freedom Trail this will be part of the trail, but it is also worth going to even if you don’t. Boston Public Garden is a lake with a beautiful bridge surrounded by a lot of willow trees (and other trees), plus you can take a ride on a Swan Boat while you are there! 

I didn’t take a ride around the lake on the swan boat, although now I’m thinking I should have. I think is is $2 for adults and $1 for kids or something close to that. So its a reasonably priced activity and you ride around the perimeter of the lake and learn a little more about Boston Public Garden. The garden has a lot of beautiful flowers in very manicured beds. This is actually Boston’s first public botanical garden.

While I was here, I stopped in the shade and did a little bit of watercoloring. I can’t remember if I mentioned this before, but I’ve taken up watercolor while I’m in Boston. So, if you would like a watercolor postcard from me just send me an email with your address! I’ll probably be sending some out around the beginning of October (my first few paintings weren’t so great although I’m getting much better!).

This is a really great place for a nice stroll through the park. It is really pretty and most of the paths are shady. While I was there I saw a lot of parents (or nanny’s) with kids feeding the ducks and running around. There were also a lot of business people taking a lunch break, walking as they ate. So, whoever you are Boston Public Garden is a great place to go!

Boston Public Gardens Bridge

Boston Public Gardens Swan Boat

Boston Public Garden Swan Boats

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