The Pros of Using Succulents for Weddings

The Pros of Using Succulents for Weddings

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The Pros of Using Succulents for Weddings

With today’s growing flower industry, it wouldn’t be surprising that modern wedding planners and garden enthusiasts are starting new trends to suit a couple’s most memorable day. As reported by several major websites, including premiere wedding e-magazine Bridal Guide, one trend that particularly made it to the spotlight is the use of succulents. At first glance, this type does not look as appealing as roses or lilies. But with the right artistic skills and a creative vision, these simple looking flowers can turn a plain wedding into a flamboyant and lovely scenery.

Luckily, even those with a limited budget, you can create your own with plenty of DIY instructions on the internet. From Apartment Therapy’s simple guides to patterning the bouquet arrangement with M&S Flowers, there’s no shortage of creativity found in the virtual world. If you fancy a succulent-themed wedding, then you might want to take a look at their pros and benefits.

Succulent Bouquet - Succulents and Sunshine

Blooming anytime of the year

One great advantage of succulents over any type of flowers is that there are hardly any seasonal concerns. Whether you plan a winter or summer wedding, succulents are your best choice of flowers since they are in bloom all year round. They are far better than daffodils or similar types, which are known to wilt easily under the scorching summer sun.

More resistant for buttonholes

If you’re afraid that your male guests are not too fond of putting delicate flowers on their buttonholes, then succulents might just change their minds. These flowers are quite resistant when it comes to people who are always moving around and are always repositioning the flowers.

Pinning on Succulent Boutonniere - Succulents and Sunshine

Succulents can be replanted again

Another bonus for using succulents is that you can use them again for the next big event. Instead of wasting money on another bouquet, you can just plant these flowers again and watch them remain in full bloom for the next event.

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