Before you start your blog… Read these 5 books so you don’t waste time and energy!

One of the challenges with blogging is there is so much to learn! But if you start by reading these 5 books, you’ll be setting yourself up for success.

I’ve read A LOT of business books. I love reading self help, business improvement, and strategy books.

And I’m even becoming “old fashioned” because I love buying them in print! That way I can highlight, write notes, and easily come back to them.

While I’ve learned something from every book I’ve read, there are a few books that have had a major impact on my success in blogging and they can have the same impact for yours.

5 books every blogger needs to read to save time money and energy

All 5 of these books can have a dramatic impact on how well you run your business. I’d recommend reading each of them as soon as you can.

But, I also realize you’ll want to actually be doing work on your business too. That’s great! Just keep reading a little bit each day until you’ve completed the 5 books.

Though, I do recommend reading this first book all the way through (and doing the exercises) before you move forward with your business idea.

Will It Fly by Pat Flynn - Best Book for New Bloggers

A HUGE obstacle to getting started with blogging is fear. Most people are afraid no one wants to hear what they have to say, no one will read the blog, it’s not of value, etc.

Then there’s being afraid that you’ll start something you don’t want to continue with or something that doesn’t actually make money.

This is why you need Will It Fly by Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income.

Following Pat’s advice from his podcast is how I came to start Succulents and Sunshine and turn it into a successful business.

In Will It Fly, Pat walks you through a variety of steps and tests to make sure your business idea will succeed AND be right for you. The plan he lays out is easy to follow.

You’ll be able to determine if your idea will become a valid business, come up with more ideas related to those you already have, and create a plan of action so you can make the most of your time and efforts.

The book is geared toward those in the “idea” stage, but it’s still a helpful guide to help your current business stay on track or to test new ideas within your business.

If you’re brand new to blogging, definitely read this book!

Click here to purchase Will It Fly by Pat Flynn on Amazon

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz - Books for New Bloggers

If, after reading the title of this book, you thought anything like…

“But I’m not even earning money yet, why do I need to read this?”

“Doesn’t it take a long time for a business to be profitable? This is too early for me.”

“I don’t need to worry about managing the business income yet.”

Then you definitely need to read Profit First. Now.

Or, even if you didn’t think any of those things. This book dramatically changed how I viewed by business income and has helped me run a much more efficient and profitable business.

Mike teaches a new approach to handling business income in order to help your business be profitable… from the beginning!

Using the Profit First method of accounting from the beginning (or just switching to it now) will help reduce the stress and anxiety that often comes with money management.

I read Profit First when my business was in debt and struggling. My revenue was high, but I wasn’t profitable. By implementing the simple steps in this book, I turned the business around and helped reduce the financial anxiety I used to have each month.

Seriously… follow the principles in this book and you’ll run a much more efficient and profitable business than you otherwise would.

Click here to buy Profit First by Mike Michalowicz on Amazon

Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller -- Blogging Books

Copywriting (writing text for marketing or advertising) is not something I’m inherently great at. I’ve been working on improving my skills, because it can be learned, and Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller is one of THE BEST copywriting resources I’ve come across.

The idea of the book is that we engage better with writing, audio, video, people… when it tells a story. So, naturally you want to do that with your marketing too!

Within the book you’ll find a simple to follow framework to write any sort of copy you need and make it compelling and interesting for your audience.

The biggest mindset shift I got from reading the book is that my customer is the hero of the story and I’m the guide. My products and I are not the hero. We’re here to help the hero accomplish their goal or solve their problem.

The Story Brand framework is great! It works for your business as a whole and on an individual product level as well.

If you’re ready for your message to be clear and connect with your reader, definitely pick up a copy of this book!

Click here to purchase Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller on Amazon

The Power of Consistency by Weldon Long - Blogging Books

The title of this book is accurate, but also deceiving. It does talk about why being consistent, showing up and doing something regularly is important.

But, it also helps you start to shift your mindset about the work you do. It helps you determine your core values, what motivates you to work, and why your work is important.

This book helped me see the bigger picture with what I’m trying to accomplish with my business. It’s not just about teaching people how to grow succulents, or teaching people how to blog. It’s about improving other people’s lives in a way that enhances my own.

Wherever you’re at in your business, this book will help you shift into a “prosperity” mindset and help you increase your business and the value you bring into the world.

It’s fantastic! You should read it :)

Click here to purchase The Power of Consistency by Weldon Long on Amazon

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod - Best Blogging Books

Maybe this book should have been first on the list… after all it does talk about starting your day right.

I realize not everyone is a morning person, and that’s ok! The principles you’ll learn in this book will help you set a routine for yourself to keep you focused on what’s important.

The first day I started my Miracle Morning I was excited! And that’s extra impressive because I was getting up an hour earlier than I normally did.

Each of the items in a Miracle Morning (Silence, affirmations, visualizations, exercise, reading, writing) help your body and your mind to better tackle the day and be successful.

I notice a huge difference in my productivity on the days when I don’t to my Miracle Morning. It has improved my life has a whole, not just with business.

Give it a try and see what a Miracle Morning can do for you!

Click here to buy The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod on Amazon

Other Great Books
(for after you’ve read the 5 above and started your blog…)

Don’t read these until you’ve actually done something!!! I strongly believe that learning too much can be paralyzing and also cause you to focus on new things before you’ve completely what’s most important.

But, when you’ve reached that point and you’re ready for something new, here are some other favorites in no particular order:

Now it’s up to you! Grab a book… get reading… start implementing!


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