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Friday the 13th

Our journey home began at 6:45 Friday morning. We grabbed a quick breakfast and then drove to the Munich airport. We checked in and went through security (my dad was the problem this time, they had to search his bag) and then took a two hour flight to Paris. In Paris we had to take… Continue Reading

Castles Galore

This morning after breakfast we set out for Schloss Neuschwanstein, which was the inspiration for Cinderella’s castle in Disneyworld. Driving up to the city surrounding the castle we had a great view looking up at the castle itself. It was very overcast and rainy today so the castle looked a little bit eerie up there.… Continue Reading

Living the Sound of Music

June 11 We woke up early this morning and enjoyed a gourmet breakfast at our hotel. It seems each breakfast has progressively been bigger and better. The breakfast at the Marriott was delicious. We had a variety of foods to choose from including French toast, omelets made to order, granola, fruit, etc. Good thing we’ll… Continue Reading

Ahhh… Germany!

June 10 This morning we woke up to the sound of a lot of bells ringing loudly. As it turns out, the local ranchers were herding their cows up the street. Each cow had a gigantic bell hanging around its neck. Even just a herd of 5 cows made a lot of noise, but the… Continue Reading

Lauterbrunnen – “Tal des Wasserfälle”

Tal des wasserfälle means valley of waterfalls, and that couldn’t be truer. One of the brochures we picked up said there were 72 waterfalls in this valley. Everywhere you turn you can see a waterfall. This morning we ate breakfast with an excellent view of several waterfalls and steep mountains surrounded by patches of clouds.… Continue Reading

A whole new world!

Sunday June 8 We woke up rather early this morning so we would have time to make the long drive to Switzerland and still have time to explore. We ate breakfast at our hotel again, which was delicious. Yesterday I forgot to mention my favorite part about this breakfast. Not only do they have delicious… Continue Reading

Delay in Blogging…

So I thought we were going to have internet at all of our hotels, but it turns out I was wrong, thus the delay in posts. In case you were wondering the dates… June 4 – Rome Day 2; June 5 – Cinque Terre; June 6 – Cinque Terre and Venice; June 7 – Venice.… Continue Reading


This morning’s breakfast served at the hotel was delightful. All of our breakfasts were actually really good. Following breakfast we began our walk around Venice. We walked through a lot of alleys, over many bridges and canals, and though several squares. We also stopped at a lot of souvenir shops with a variety of trinkets.… Continue Reading

Cinque Terre and Venice

This is the hotel we stayed in while we were in Cinque Terre. There was a scooter parked next to it which was pretty typical, but I thought it looked cool with the flowers. After breakfast this morning we walked around Monterosso since we didn’t do much of that yesterday. We walked along the beach… Continue Reading

Cinque Terre

We woke up quite early (6:00) and checked out of our hotel, rented a car and headed out of Rome. Renting the car took a little while, and so did driving out of Rome. We took a wrong turn somewhere which took us to the center of the city rather than outside so by the… Continue Reading

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